Mirat Pantograf Pantografi Hizmetleri, 1950den beri

About Us

Pantography takes its name from Panto which means writing everything.(The old Latin language).This bussiness is evolved from steel engraving to pantography by relief work technology.We are rising our career with our talent, experience and technology since 1950 and three generations.We are the who discovered the producing numbering machines which is used by chemistry industry with relief technology first time in Turkey.We are always proud of it.Our elasticity in production and quality are setting us apart from the other firms.

Our vision

Always acting our role perfectly in production with or potantial role or much more.As a firm which has broken new grounds,we are producing solutions while rising up our confidence and maintaining our quality.Becoming always first choice of the firms.

Our mission

To produce the products for our customers for making their productions more quality and suitable by manufacturing with minimum fault and maximum utility.By the courtesy of becoming leader firm in market and rising up the standards of producting in the world is our mission.